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Terms of Use

1. These Website Terms of Use are the terms and conditions that apply to the use of this website, which has been developed and belongs to the société anonyme under the corporate name «IPG MEDIABRANDS COMMUNICATIONS SA» and in particular its department operating under the name “IMBA”, having its registered offices at the Municipality of Chalandri (Business Plaza, 1 – 3 Tzavella Str.) (hereinafter the “Company”).

2. Only adults, i.e. persons over and above 18 years old, have the right to use this website.

3. It is hereby underlined to the users of this website that: (a) any reference in this website to services provided by the Company shall not be considered as encouragement, advise or exhortation for the execution of any transaction that has a financial result or as proposal for the execution of any agreement or as a representation that the services presented are available, totally or partially; (b) any informational material provided through this website is not necessarily accurate or updated, while it might not be up-to-date at the date of your access or might be subject of third parties unauthorised intervention or viruses, without Company’s knowledge or consent; and (c) users are requested and expected to verify the accuracy, completeness and the up-to-date of any information included in this website.

4. The use of this website must necessarily be made for legitimate purposes and shall not, in any way, limit or interrupt its use by any third parties. Each user must act in compliance with the provisions of the applicable legislation, the moral ethics and these terms and conditions and must not proceed to any acts or omissions that could cause any damage to the website or any change to its content.

5. The Company does not guarantee the technical perfection, availability, integrity or security of this website, of its use or of the access to this website. Users are requested, expected and liable to take all necessary measures regarding the security or the integrity of their systems.

6. Unless otherwise explicitly provided herein, the Company and/ or its clients are the owners of all intellectual property rights with respect to the content of this website.

It is explicitly prohibited, without Company’s prior written consent, any total or partial copying, amendment, republication, reproduction or by any other means utilization of the content of this website.

Moreover, any amendment or alteration of the security adjustments, the architecture or the form of this website as well as any interference to the use or the technical specifications of its operation is explicitly prohibited.

7. In order for this website to operate without any major operational problems and to be updated on a regular basis, it is necessary from time to time to effect maintenance services, which might render this website non-operational during the performance of such services. It is explicitly acknowledged by the users of this website that the Company shall not be held liable for any users’ inability to access this website, due to an event of force majeure and/ or interruption of this website for any other reason; in any such case the Company shall not be obliged to provide the user with prior notice for any such event.

8. The connection of this website through links, hyperlinks or banners with any other websites shall not render the Company liable regarding the content of these websites, the quality of the products or the services presented though these websites, as well as such websites data protection policy.

9. These terms of use of this website shall be governed and completed by the Greek law; any dispute arising from these terms or from the use of this website, shall be exclusively referred to and finally settled by the Courts of Athens, Greece.

10. With respect to the personal data and the process of such data through this website, the users must refer to the Data Protection Policy which is uploaded to this website and constitutes and internal part hereof.

11. The use of this website presupposes and presumes approval of these terms, including the Data Protection Policy, as in force from time to time. The Company has the right to amend at any time these terms of use, including its Data Protection Policy and any such amendment shall be valid upon uploading on this website.