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Light Mondays up!

Would you burn all the Mondays of the year to avoid them?
Burn this page as if it was a Monday.


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Nail down YouTube ads!

Keep nailing down the skip button on YouTube ads, but in vain. Ads keep popping nonstop. Have your revenge now.
Nail this page down!


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Crumple your bills!

You want to toss your bills at the bin with rage?
Better crumple this page to get it together.

MARCH 2023

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Punch your allergies!

The bunches bring you allergies? Give a punch to the allergies for a change.
Punch this page!

APRIL 2023

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Pedal to the metal while in traffic. Not!

Every morning stuck in traffic; you won’t step on the gas in a million years.
Step on this page to chill.

MAY 2023

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Drill hangover before it drills you!

After 25 hangover reaches another level. Relatable?
Drill through this page like hangover drills your brain!

JUNE 2023

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Bite an “I told you so”!

You bite your tongue to avoid backlashing to all the “I told you so”s.
Bite this page instead!

JULY 2023

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You get voice message-spammed?

Do voice messages and those who send them tear your nerves to shreds? *According to internal research in Imba's headquarters, hatred for voice messages reaches a percentage of 62%.
Get Zen by tearing this page to pieces.


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Battery at 2%? Throw the damn thing away!

Enjoying your daily scrolling dosage and BOOM! Battery at 2%. Keep it together and don’t throw your phone away.
Throw this page away instead.


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Your laundry got smudged by the rain?

Laundry day. Sudden downpour. Your favorite sweater is ruined. Proper mayhem!
Smudge this page ferociously to wash your anger away!


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Wrong coffee? Grave mistake!

Someone got your coffee wrong? Dear Lord…
Spill it on this page and calmly carry on!


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Lucky at cards, unlucky in love.

Being at a loosing streak, both in cards and in love? Don’t slit your wrists in vain.
Slit this page instead.