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2 Spoons – “Spot The Spoon”


2 Spoons – “Spot The Spoon”

The concept

“Out of the box” content for Evga Ice Cream, 2 Spoons, inspired from social media heavy user’s practices, aesthetics and digital trends, mainly based on product photoshooting.
Visual content was enriched with custom illustrated stickers through extra editing, to offer a unique experience to our fans and level up brand’s visual identity.

2 Spoons ice cream is made to be shared, not only in physical terms but also in terms of digital life!

  • Creative Advertising
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Social Media Strategy
2 Spoons | Photoshooting


display campaign / social media

Cool, weird and unique illustrations experience for an unprecedented 2 Spoons taste.

Giannis Mpoutas, Head of Creative

2 Spoons | Cinema | vanilia, chocolate, pop-corn