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You are free to have everything

Brand Campaign

You are free to have everything

The concept

LeasePlan’s new campaign encourages us to pursue the carelessness we seek in our lives, reminding us how carefree we used to be while we were in somebody else’s car: when we went on our first date driving our parents’ car, when we learned how to drive in a relative’s car, when we went on vacation with our friend’s car or when we did our job without worrying if something goes wrong until the end of shift. Those are moments without stress, responsibilities or obligations that are present in case you buy or own a vehicle.

Four TV spots were designed to meet the needs of different LeasePlan audiences with one storytelling and multiple versions aiming to create personalized content. The airing of television spots was enriched with a 360o digital approach (display, social media, native advertising) while campaign materials serve the requirements of a precision targeting strategy.

Cross Platform Communication: 4 TV spots, one storytelling, multiple versions for a personalized 360o digital approach optimized to “meet” a precision targeting strategy.

  • Creative Advertising
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Video productions
2 Spoons | Photoshooting


display campaign / social media

LeasePlan gave us once again the opportunity to see the business goal gaining potentials through the beauty of creativity in the frame of mutual trust and real collaboration.

Giannis Mpoutas, Head of Creative

2 Spoons | Cinema | vanilia, chocolate, pop-corn