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Bayer Hellas CSE Stories

The concept

Our digital campaign concerning the catastrophic wildfires in Peloponnese and Evvoia the August of 2021, with its main purpose to spread the word to the whole world and raise awareness.

The wildfires in Greece have been a major concern in recent years, with the country experiencing most of the severe outbreaks during the summer months. The August of 2021, Greece recorded some of the worst wildfires in its history: the catastrophic wildfires of Peloponnese and Evvoia.

Bayer Hellas was there, next to the firefighters and the local communities, supporting them, and providing them with necessary supplies, and making monetary donations.

We collected those actions and created a digital campaign for Bayer Hellas to raise awareness about every year’s wildfires and also send a strong message that something needs to change immediately.

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