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LeasePlan – Unreal images for a real problem

Brand Campaign

LeasePlan – Unreal images for a real problem

The concept

With AI technology as an ally and with main figures a firefighter, a ship engineer and a truck driver, LeasePlan, released a campaign, on International Women’s Day, with the aim of raising awareness around the offensive driving behavior against women drivers, a phenomenon that we have all experienced or encountered while driving int the roads.

The implementation of the idea was based on the innovative technology of AI highlight the contrast of the unreal photo with the completely real derogatory comments received by women, behind the wheel.

The print campaign showcases a range of traditionally “male” professions, in which women excel, to stress out the discrimination and derogatory comments that the majority of women receive when they drive, even today.

Utilizing AI technology as a creative tool, we focused on raising awareness of the offensive behavior women receive while driving.

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printed material

“The Social Issue”

A Social Media communication for a real social issue.