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LIPTON #PoluMprosta


LIPTON #PoluMprosta

The concept

The people of antiquity were wise and restrained in their eating habits. Their way of life was and continues to be an example. Using them as role models, we add a creative twist in their habits by incorporating Lipton tea…because they “were ahead of their time” (aka #PoluMprosta).

So, imagine, if Lipton existed in the 5th century BC., the first marathon runner would drink a hot cup of tea to quench his thirst, Cleopatra would not need “slaves” to blow her air and in the Dionysian mysteries and after the frantic dance instead of wine they would drink a hot cup of tea!

A social media campaign boosting tea consumption during summer time and hot temperatures.

  • Creative Advertising
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Social Media Strategy
LIPTON - #PoluMprosta | Characters


display campaign / social media

Visual content was based on custom illustration to offer a unique brand experience.

Giannis Mpoutas, Head of Creative

LIPTON - #PoluMprosta | Decoration